CareTaker Continuous Non lnvasive Blood Pressure Monitor, CareTaker Wireless Vital Signs Monitor, CareTaker Physiological Monitor - K163255 on Apr-21-2017
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CareTaker non-invasively and continuously measures Beat-by-Beat Blood Pressure within AAMI accuracy standards, enabling clinicians to monitor patient vitals, pressure waveforms, from virtually anywhere. CareTaker’s integrated multi-mode radios are pre-configured to securely transmit data over cellular networks or to Bluetooth devices without the need to implement complex communications or connectivity networks. Clinicians simply attach the finger cuff and wrist unit to patients and immediately begin measuring vitals and view the data on a tablet or connected Nurse Station Monitor, alternatively the data can be transmitted directly into the Patient’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Because CareTaker has an integrated low-energy Bluetooth radio, it can function as a “Wearable Hub”, collecting data from other Bluetooth devices such as Glucometers, Weight Scales, Thermometers, Spirometers, etc. and display the data for remote viewing. In addition to the FDA Approved cNIBP, Heart Rate, and pulse waveform functions, CareTaker can provide healthcare staff with changing health conditions. Providing early intervention and rapid response to a patients changing health conditions.

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