MAGNETOM Sempra with syngo MR E11S - K163211 on Jan-27-2017
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The MAGNETOM Sempra is indicated for use as a magnetic resonance diagnostic device (MRDD) that produces transverse, sagittal, coronal and oblique cross sectional images, spectroscopic images and/or spectra, and that displays the internal structure and/or function of the head, body, or extremities. Other physical parameters derived from the images and/or spectra may also be produced. Depending on the region of interest, contrast agents may be used. These images and/or spectra and the physical parameters derived from the images and/or spectra, when interpreted by a trained physician, yield information that may assist in diagnosis. The MAGNETOM Sempra may also be used for imaging during interventional procedures when performed with MR compatible devices such as in-room display and MR-Safe biopsy needles.

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