Clarius Ultrasound System - K163138 on Nov-30-2016
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The Clarius Ultrasound System is a software-based ultrasound imaging system and accessories intended for use in Point of Care Imaging of Medical Conditions on the general public. Point of Care clinical applications include: Emergency triage exam to look at trauma conditions, Procedure guidance to guide needles into the body, and Other targeted diagnostics and measurement applications: fetal, fetal echo, abdominal, small organ, musculo-skeletal (conventional), musculo-skeletal (superficial), urology, gynecology, cardiac adult, cardiac pediatric, peripheral vessel, pediatric, carotid. The Clarius Ultrasound System is intended for use in environments where healthcare is provided by trained medical professionals. The device is not intended for use in emergency medical service, ambulance, or aircraft.

IYN Abbreviated 510k
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